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Vanquisher craft will be closing

This will be the last message from Vanquishercraft for a long time. We are almost completely out of our funds for the server and its practically dead now. I hope Vanquishercraft made a lot of people's day as we have been up and running straight for roughly and year and half now. We had a good run and I want to thank everyone for the experience of getting this community together. I hope everyone had a great time as well. When I opened Vanquishercraft I never thought we would be as big as we got, we opened from scratch and we ended up hitting over 40 people one time as our highest amount which is just amazing. People left mostly because lots of people lost interest or just got bored. Vanquishercraft was also a very family friendly server which had one of the best communities out there which always made me proud to be the owner.

We also had great staff, many have left or just had to go because they were busy, but I have to thank all the people that got us on our feet like Devan, Oblivion, Mrpwnzor, Deadmanti5, Nubasauras, Thedailyrolo, Joshuacb, Bontwo, Sydric, Johnnybaxley, XthefailureX and the rest of the staff. Aswell as the donors that kept us going for so long.

I want you all to know, that Vanquishercraft might not be reopening, but it might be in many months or even years from now because I need to get back into it all again. Plus its kind of getting chaotic for me in real life now. If you want to keep contact with me, I might be on enjin week to week sometime or Skype. I kinda cleared out most of my skype contacts for space but if you want a reinvite then just msg me.

Once again I want to thank you all for all the amazing things you guys have done, you are all amazing for all you dedicated players that were on Vanquishercraft. The website will be closing soon aswell as the server, we do hope to be up a couple more weeks if you want to just look around at all the things we have created and done.

Dasko, Owner of Vanquishercraft
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1.7.2 Update and the resets on worlds
As you may already know we plan on resetting main and pvp right when we update to 1.7.2 to start working on the new spawns and everything immediately. We are going to update to 1.7.2 on Friday considering bukkit just put out a new version now but there are reports of instability on the build they put out so will wait for some bugs to be fixed and as well as some plugins to be fixed. Our new servers will truely be amazing and we will get them out as soon as possible to you all! We are going to also advertise our server on about 11 websites so you can make lots of in game money and items each day for voting for our server! Lastly when we do release our new main and pvp you might want to expect some discounts for a week or two on our new opening so it would be a great time to donate since we do not have discounts that often!

If you have any questions or concerns contact Dasko222!

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